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Telecom Services
⦁ Operations
⦁ Maintenance
⦁ Deployment
⦁ Field support
⦁ Ethernet IP/SDH/DWDM
⦁ 1G/10G/100G E2E Testing
Data Centres
Relocation, Migrations Patching, Removals, Power, Rack Stacking Installations, Cabling,Testing, Surveys
Professional IT Services and Support
IT /Network/ Desktop Office Onsite and Remote Support 24x7
Software Design House
Design and manage bespoke customize data solutions for customers
Wireless Survey, Testing, Installtion
Hardware Maintenance
On Demand Field Engineers
Automation (SDN) & Virutalisation (NFV)
Call Centre & Remote Desktop Support
Cloud & Data Engineering
Zendesk,Remedy Ticketing and Netcool Alarm Monitoring 247
Web Design, SEO, Content writing

About Us

IOTAC providing third party support for almost 10 years. Our support includes Managed IT services, Telecom Services as well as Datacentre and Cloud services include design , provisioing , deployment , maintenance and operations.

Our team of experienced engineers work with you to ensure your business needs are met effectively and efficiently. Our in house engineers work with you to identify the type of problem you may be facing, and which engineer would be suited for the job. Trained field engineers then visit your site and work diligently to solve the issue, informing you of the outcome as promptly as possible.


Our Coverage

We work all across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia with a team of 450+ field engineers available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, in various locations to help meet changing IT/Telecom demands. We have direct coverage within APAC, EMEA Region and through partners Americas as well. We are constantly sourcing and working with new engineers/contractors to help us to grow our team and availability and will ensure that only the best engineer is assigned to you and your company.

15min Ticket response time , SLA = 98% , 2-4 hrs Response Target to meet SLA, Since Last 12 months 5000+ Tickets resolved successfully include Support , deployment and Operation Maintenance within 25+ countries Globally. 

We provide SC Clearance engineers within UK

Our engineers are flexible and have excellent availability, with many that are ready to travel to ensure that work is completed to a high standard and within a set time frame.

Please contact us at [email protected] so that we can ascertain your company needs and work with engineers available in your area of the country.

Contact Us

For all your company IT needs, contact our Sales team at [email protected] or alternatively speak to a member of our team via our Chat Service, who can then guide you accordingly to the right department.

Our chat service hours are (8:30am to 6:30pm GMT). Outside of these hours, we are available via [email protected] & Whatsapp 24×7

Please contact us via any of these methods and a member of our friendly team will endeavour to reply to you within 2 hours.

Once you have purchased one of our services/packages, contact details will be provided to you, to ensure you have a consultant/in house engineer point of contact whilst your work is being carried out.

Please direct any correspondence to the following address:

 13 Whites Row, London, E1 7NF ,United Kingdom

+1 630 423 33333   &  +44(0)7760134112

+44(0)7760134112  ( WhatsApp 24×7 Service Desk)

     [email protected]